This section is where we respond to all the questions you have about Paris and couldn’t have in another section. Feel free to ask us anything, we love that: contact@thingstodoinparis.info

When is it the best Time to visit Paris ?

That is a tricky questions. Our 1st answer will be every day of the year !
Well, one must also advise you to come around April as the sunny days are here and it is not as expensive as the summer. December before Christmas is also a really great moment as you can imagine  You can look at the climate section for further information.

Who are you ?

We are Hadrien, David and Guillaume : 3 parisians that love to introduce the best places and spots in Paris. We want you to have a wonderful stay ! For more details, we introduce us here.

How much costs the metro in Paris ?

The ticket T is available on all bus, metro, RER and tramways. Careful about the RER as you easily go outside of Paris and the prices are not the same. The ticket T costs 1,9€ (or 2€ if you buy it in a bus) and a 10-tickets pass costs 14,50€. You should know that the Paris visit – pass exists and the one-day adult pass costs 11,65€ for example.

What is the best side of Paris ?

Easy, definitely the right side (ie: the upper side of the river) !
Ok actually, this is the classic debate about Parisian, arguing for their neighborhood.
Usually, we say that the right side (the upper side) of Paris is more trendy with bars, clubs, cafés and theatres, while the left side (the lower side) is more traditional, quiet, with nice monuments and architecture.
But in the end, inside Paris, everything is great ? !

Why are Parisians so rude ?

It’s not that we are rude, it’s just that we speak fast and straight to the point. Usually, in the US someone will warm you with a big smile and ask how is everything going while he just met you. In France, we think it’s a loss of time, so we directly ask or answer the question :).

What time does the public transports usually end ?

Good questions ! For the metro, it usually opens from 5.30am to 1am during the weekdays and until 2am on the Fridays and Saturdays.
Concerning the buses, they usually operate from 6.30am to 10.30pm. Then it is replaced by “noctilien” night buses that operate all the night. Please check the maps of noctilien.
Finally the RER is opened from 5.30am to “around” 12.30am. It mainly depends on where you are and where you go ! Please check your journey on the RATP website 🙂