Who we are ?

 Our names are Hadrien (pronounce Ha-dri-en), David and Guillaume (pronounce gi-yom), and we are from Paris. Actually, we have been living in Paris our entire life (30 years more or less).

We hang out a lot, we visit Paris, we do some sightseeing, have some fun. And we love to experience new places and try new Parisian stuff.

So at some point we thought: “Why don’t we share all our knowledge and tips with tourists ?”
That was the beginning of the website 🙂

Our goal : to share with you our experience, and to show you the best touristic spots in Paris, but also the most unusual things to do in Paris.

No ratings, here we only select the best. And we give you our Parisian’s tip for each activity.

Select your mood, your budget, your style, and we will provide you with a list of amazing things to do accordingly.

If you have some free time, try also to read some of our articles. As you can see, we like to write :).

Finally, any question about an activity, or about Paris ? We answer to you in 24h guarantee. And from a Parisian point of view!

Just go to the “Questions” section and write it down (you might wanna check before if the answer isn’t in the list already)

Let us be your Paris tourist guide, you won’t regret it 🙂 !