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21 July 2018 | Top

15 French songs you absolutely need to know to feel French

You are coming to France, or you already are in the hexagon... You may already have heard some of those songs. It goes from the most famous all around the world to the ones famous only in France. Before, preparing “must-see” lists of paris sightseeing tours, try to indulge yourself like a free-thinking traveler. Thus, If you mention one of those songs in a conversation with French people, you'll impress them for sure! No worries, my pleasure! :)

13 July 2018 | Top

Our 10 favourite cheap eats in Paris (Yes, it exists!)

Most tourists skip the lavish eateries and you are not alone with a tight budget- You are travelling to Paris, but you have a low budget concerning food. No worries! We tell you everything about cheap eats! Instead of spending too much time in fine dining, explore few guided tours for paris sightseeing places.

06 July 2018 | Top

10 restaurants with a view in Paris

07 May 2018 | Top

Things to do in Paris for free! Our top 10 activities.