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7 luxurious experiences to have in Paris

To get really immersed in Paris, find something out of the way with us to do here- explore paris sightseeing places to more about this city. Paris is a city of luxury, and there are lots of opportunities as well. Here are the ones we prefer !

Spend a night at the Ritz Hotel

The name in itself means luxury. It might be the most famous luxury hotel in Paris, with the biggest reputation. Here you have a picture of the Imperial Suite.

Have a look at the website to book a night !


Eat sophisticated Japanese food at Okuda

This restaurant might deal with the finest Japanese food in Paris. If you like that, don’t hesitate and book a table! The restaurant has a Michelin Star, to prove the high quality of the place.

Destination Luxury wrote a great article about it : Japanese food at Okuda !

Enjoy a helicopter tour

Enjoy Paris from other perspectives. Take a helicopter and enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the City of Light.

You can book a tour via HeliParis !

Go to the Baccarat Museum-Gallery

The museum is really impressive, but the real gem of the place is the restaurant named  Cristal Room. It’s so great that you have to book weeks in advance to make sure you’ll have a table.

Destination Luxury talks about the Baccarat Museum.

Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini on the Champs Elysées

That is an unusual activity to do when visiting Paris. It’s cool, fancy, and you have different sensations than just walking around the streets.

Here is our article about this activity!

Spend a night at the Napoleon Hotel

The Napoleon hotel is an amazing place for luxury travels.

Grace and fine decorations are the credo of this hotel!

Take bottles of Champagne Chez Raspoutine

Chez Raspoutine is a trendy, a bit posh and very sophisticated place to go, near the Champs Elysées. Maybe you’ll have the chance to meet celebrities over there.

All the information you need are here !