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The best 10 sushis in Paris : the ultimate guide !

You can find a lot of places to eat sushis in every district of the capital. Here is 10 places we choose to help you eat the most delicious japanese meals in Paris !


This place is running by an excellent japanese chef. He is a real “sushiya” : a sushi master with ten years of training. The products which are using are really fresh and well prepared. There are three parts in the restaurant but the sushi bar is clearly the best spot. However the prices are very high !

ADDRESS :  61 Quai de Grenelle,  75015 Paris

Comme des poissons - Komatsubaki

For fresh fish lovers this place is for you ! It’s a very small and quiet place where you can watch the chef cooking delicious sushis, sashimis and makis. You will discover plenty of original sushis with good side plates. But be careful you should better book a table in advance !

ADDRESS : 3 rue d’Artois 75008 Paris


It’s a small sushi restaurant there with only twenty seats. However this place is a reference in the sushis restaurant market. They have three specialties : the fat tuna , the wagyu beef, and the eel.

ADDRESS : 55 Boulevard des Batignolles, 75008 Paris

Sous les cerisiers

This sushis restaurant is very peaceful and the staff is welcoming. The place is very well decorated and the sushis are made with fresh products. You can come with your fiends or family nd have a very good time there !

ADDRESS : 12 Rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris

Rice and Fish

This sushi restaurant is running by an american chef and he cooks very original sushi in a small place. Indeed, the menus prices are the cheapest of this Top. Rice and Fish is the best place to enjoy sushi without spend to much !

ADDRESS : 16 Rue Greneta, 75002 Paris


Kifune is another sushi restaurant that only serve sushi. It’s a small and nice place where you will feel you travelling in Japan. The customers are mostly japanese but it’s the perfect place to meet japanese. There you can taste Umeshu a typical japanese alcohol.

ADDRESS : 44 Rue Saint-Ferdinand, 75017 Paris


This place is a restaurant where high quality sushi are served. The products using by the chef are really fresh. You can choose from several menus.

ADDRESS : 10 Rue Francoeur, 75018 Paris


Yamamoto is running by Laos chef. This restaurant is a really small restaurant (maybe too small) but the chef cooks really tasty sushi ! You can eat original sushi and the prices are not really high !

ADDRESS : 6 Rue Chabanais, 75002 Paris


This sushis restaurant has a lot of good reviews in the capital. The freshness of the fish is the speciality of this place. You won’t find a better place in Paris concerning the quality of the products using. The prices are quite high but it’s worth it !

ADDRESS : 4 Quai d’Orléans, 75004 Paris


Tsukizi is a small sushi restaurant with nice prices. Compared to others sushi restaurant in this Top, you can eat for 20€. The sushi recipes are classical but really well cooked.

ADDRESS : 2 Bis Rue des Ciseaux, 75006 Paris

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