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The French food markets in Paris : a real “Art de Vivre”. Our top 10 places !

The food markets are typical in France. We have markets in every village in France 🙂 And there are a lot in Paris as well. Some are ok, and others are really nice, you will be amazed! Those markets are mainly opened on Sundays. However, some are also open during the week (one or two days maximum). Just check out when you are there, or ask your Airbnb/hotel host !

Marché Monge

The most Parisian

We love the marché Monge as you feel like you are walking through the old Paris “d”antan”. You have good products for every budget.

It opens on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 7am to 1pm

Metro : Place Monge

This a a picture of the marché Monge in Paris.

Marché Mouffetard

The most typical

It is very nice to walk on the tiny street in the heart of Paris during a sunny Sunday morning. You will find many stuffs there as it is located on the quartier Mouffetard, where there are also many shops and cafes. Do not hesitate to have a coffee on the terrace down the street as it is one of the best spot in Paris ! Trust me 🙂

Métro: Censier Daubenton

This a a picture of the marché Mouffetard in Paris.

Marché d'Aligre

The cheapest

The marché d’Aligre is very well located as it is close to Bastille. And it is huge ! You will find dozens of fruits and vegetables sellers with really cheap prices. If you are looking for a cheap market, to have a 3 days shop for your Airbnb, this is the perfect place ! Careful though, as those products usually does not last more than 3 days … 🙂

Métro Bastille

Picture of a market in Paris.

Marché biologique du dimanche

The most organic

This market is located on Boulevard Raspail (metro Notre Dame des Champs) and opened solely on Sundays. If you are an organic lover, then it is clearly the market to go. Indeed, almost every products are organic.

Picture of a market in Paris.

Marché couvert des enfants rouges

The trendiest

This market is indoor. And it is really trendy. Located near Rue Charlot, you are in the “haut Marais” which means that you are in one of the best places in Paris ! There you will find really good and fresh products, from fish and meat to fruit and vegetables. Oh, and you can lunch there too, and it is very pleasant !

Picture of a top things to do in le Marais.

Marché de Belleville

The most cosmopolite

The Belleville neighborhood is a new area in Paris that is becoming really trendy. Plus it is a place with very different nationalities. So you have the market of Belleville with some halal shops and many vegetables shops : it is huge and really great to discover. Beautiful too !

Picture of a market in Paris.

Marché Bastille

The most French

This market is really typical and well placed. From what I remember there are some spots to lunch there too. And also very different shops. It is good-quality stuff here and a very nice place to have a walk ! Go to the Canal Saint Martin afterwards : it is really close !

Métro Bastille 

Picture of a French market in Paris.

Marché Barbès

The most common

The Barbes neighbourood is not necessarily  the safest place in Paris, but when the market is open you will discover a pleasant place with products from around the world. It is worth the trip !  🙂

Picture of a market in Paris.

Marché de Neuilly

The most expensive

And one of the best also 🙂 Do you know Neuilly sur Seine ? You can go there with line 1 at metro Sablons. This market is not huge, but clearly the quality of the products is really present there. You will be amazed and will discover typical French dishes that are really well prepared !

Picture of a market in Paris.

Marché Saint Martin

The most trendy

I love this indoor market when you find great products (not only fresh). It is a good place to go if you are looking to have a nice meal at your flat : people are nice and will guide through the recipes 🙂

Picture of a market in Paris.


Usually, French people go to the market during the morning, and then have lunch or take a coffee at a coffee terrace! Have a look at our selection of restaurants 🙂