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Those are the funniest videos about Frenchness

This top will make you laugh until you cry. You'll recognize some character traits from French people you know for sure!

Paul Taylor

This English guy living in Paris started to make videos just a few years ago, but he is definitely the best. He understands and makes fun of French people in the most perfect way. He is mean, he says the truth, gives some advices and it’s very funny. We love this one in particular, but they are all excellent.

Louis de Funès

Are French people good at learning English? Well, that’s a true debate… You’ll see it when you’ll be walking in Parisian streets.

For the moment, Louis de Funès, aka the French Charlie Chaplin is trying to teach English to his colleagues.. A French classic 🙂


Lullue is French, she lives in Paris, she is funny, and she teaches you how to act like French people. She is the ultimate guide to follow in order to basically survive in a French conversation.


The most famous sitcom ever mentioned Frenchness, and especially how tough it is to learn the French tongue. This extract of Phoebe trying to teach Joey French is just brillant!

French TV ad

Does being French means being romantic? Or even being good in bed? That’s a cliché, that’s a debate.

But have a look at this condom ad !


Steve Martin

Another French character trying to learn English. After Louis de Funès, let me introduce to you Steve Martin, playing here Inspecteur Clouzeau in the Pink Panther, and trying to pronounce “hamburger”…

Mr Bean

French gastronomy is famous for being very eclectic and sophisticated. Here Mr Bean is testing oysters, with the help of the most Frenchy of French actors, Mr Jean Rochefort.


To conclude this overview on Frenchness, here’s a mashup of French clichés in American movies.

Hope we made you laugh! Are you looking for fun in Paris? Click ‘here‘ to find unusual activities