07 January 2018 | Food & drinks

Bel Canto

Fancy place, fancy meals, fancy music, fancy everything! :)

A Lyric dinner? What does that mean? The idea of this restaurant is to develop several of your senses at the same time: you’ll be listening to lyric music while savoring gastronomic meals.

You sit at your table, enjoy the magnificent room and atmosphere you’re diving into. Then, you choose your meals on the menu, and you listen to singers and piano players performing famous Opera and Classical tunes: Carmen, Don Giovanni, La Boheme, etc.

You’ll find yourself surprised by the happiness and proximity of the singers and waiters! What an amazing time we had in this place!

What is going on in your plate? You’ll be served delicious products such as foie gras (obviously), various types of fish and meat, and the desserts are absolutely to die for (the poached pear was amazing!)

In a nutshell, even though it is quite a budget to spend an evening at Bel Canto, it is really worth it, and you’ll never be disappointed! I don’t know what else to say, just rush over there !

You can find the complete menu by clicking here!