25 November 2017 | Food & drinks

Le Piaf

A nest for cocktail lovers!

“Le Piaf” literally means the little bird. This is why our national icon Edith Piaf was often compared to a little bird when she sang. Here, Le Piaf is a cocktail-bar as well as a restaurant.

If you choose to go downstairs, then you’ll reach the very high-class and selective cocktail bar.  You’ll meet all the codes of the speakeasy here: black walls and subdued lightnings, and a very good selection of cocktails.

What about the restaurant? You’ll first enter a very beautiful room, with red tapestries, white tablecloths, and old-fashioned dishes, and you get to eat French traditional meals, very refined and good meals such as foie gras or truffles…

This is one of the finest restaurants in Paris, with products of extremely good quality such as the “côte de boeuf marinée” for 2 people, so it may seem obvious that the prices are going accordingly (just a reminder 🙂 )

However, there’s always a very good atmosphere, and DJs often come to share their musical talents

It’s a very selective place, a lot of people are going there and the porter at the entrance won’t let everyone come in