10 November 2017 | Food & drinks

Le Saturne

A starred organic restaurant in Paris

This is a picture of the interior of the Saturne, which is a great restaurant in Paris.

“We prefer short circuits and clean agriculture.
Our wines are chemical-free and our kitchen without artifice.
Quality and simplicity are esential for us.
The products are all handmade, organic and beyond …
No meat sous-vide, no surmanipulation,
only the “right” technic ….”

This is the motto of the one-star restaurant Le Saturne.

In an ideal location (near the palais Brogniart, which used to be the house of the paris stock exchange), this restaurant offers a really interesting menue to its hosts.

This is a picture of the interior of the Saturne, which is a really great restaurant in Paris.

In fact, this menu transforms you. As the plates and menus go in and out your table by a really well educated personnel, you feel different.

Because all you eat there is pretty different from what you know.
Yes, it is a chicken ! but with flowers (yes, real flowers ? and yes, it is preetty good), a duck sauce and a mix of vegetables marinated in oil.

It is not too heavy, not too light : the chef manages really well the portion of each plate to leave you with an excellent memory of your meal that lasts for a really long time.

Actually, I do not know where the chef learned it, but it is really awesome and its restaurant (approximately 50 tables) is booked every single night.

And I have heard that the lunch is pretty good too ! Please comment this article if you went there for a Lunch !

The price ?
45€ for the 3 meal menu or 75€ for the 5 meal menu (the “carte blanche menu”) at Lunch.
75€ or 140€ for the carte blanch menu at Dinner, (the most expensive is wine included).

This is a picture of a plate in Saturne, which is a great restaurant in Paris.

If you don’t have 80€ or so to have a one person meal, come at luch ! You will have a proper menu for 45€