07 February 2018 | Food & drinks

Culture Rapide

A bubble of alternative world in the 20th arrondissement !

This bar is really great for young Parisians looking for a calm place to chill out with friends. The outside terrace is very big, there is enough space for everyone and it’s cool to relax over there when the sun is high!

However, the inside is really atypic as well. There are lots of unusual colors, lots of posters, and it creates a sort of hippy colorful atmosphere. You can order beer pints from 4.5€. You can play cards, you can listen to music bands or slam poets. It’s a place to meet friends, and where people laugh.

This bar is in accordance with the Belleville area: it’s popular and cosmopolitan. You have to be aware that it’s not at all a sophisticated and fancy place. What is great in Paris is that you can find different types of atmosphere depending on which area you are. Here, in Belleville and Menilmontant, it’s “La Bohème”, like Charles Aznavour’s song.

Take the time to go off the beaten tracks, and to get to know new areas of Paris, like this one! Plus, the Père Lachaise cemetery is not that far!

The waiters are very welcoming! And only for this, it’s worth the trip!