06 September 2017 |

Galerie Perrotin

The contemporary art Meqqa

Picture of a nice art gallery in Paris



The Galerie Perrotin is a worldwide famous art gallery. The main gallery is set in le Marais in an imposing “hotel particulier” rue de Turenne, in the 3rd district of Paris. And it looks just fantastic! 🙂

Opened in 1989 by its founder Emmanuel Perrotin, this art gallery has yet become an international hub for international contemporary artists. In 2017, Galerie Perrotin is present in new spaces in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, so you probably already heard about it. 🙂

In Paris, the main gallery is a huge white walls place who has already welcomed extremely sharp artists such as Sophie Calle, Maurizio Cattelan, Takashi Murakami, Wim Delvoye, Paola Pivi among the most famous of them. It is said that Pharrell Williams is not missing a show when in Paris, just saying 🙂

They are 12 art exhibitions every year featuring young talents and more accomplished names in the contemporary art world. If you are an art lover, Galerie Perrotin is an absolute must do when in Paris. With more than 50 artists in its catalog, this gallery is probably one of the most prestigious names on the Parisian art scene but also in the world. So you cannot be wrong by popping by and taking a big breath of what the next trend is going to be! 🙂 And who knows who you are going to bump into while visiting it? 🙂

Try to get a ticket to their opening nights: they are full of celebrities! ?