07 September 2017 | Food & drinks

La palette

To have a drink with the upper class :)

People are enjoying a romantic terrace in Paris, called la Palette

“La palette” is one of the well known “café” by the “parisiens”. and it is for a lot of people the best area to stay in paris

This is the picture of a brunch in Paris at la Palette

And with “café”, it does not mean that you will drink coffee though ?
We usually order one (or more!) bottle of wines plus a plancha with cheese and charcuteries. The terrace is crowded all weekend long and on evening during the week. But we usually don’t remember. hips !
The mood ? xo – xo if you know the tv show (you know, girls running on Manhattan on Louboutin)
If you do not know what to do in Paris on the late afternoon and you are looking for an attraction, just go there to have a drink.
We aren’t sure when this institution opened, but it seems that uour parents knew the place (and maybe our grandfathers ? But i don’t want to think of my grandmother having a coupe of champagne with a perfect inconnu there, no no no)

What about the food ? Well it is good. not plus. But the place is like the old paris, so it is ok to have lunch there. You will feel you are on the 19th century :–)

This is a picture inside la Palette at Paris

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the ancien paris (with wine please !)

If it is too crowded, there is 2 other cafés on the same street that are great and old Paris Style ! You’re welcome !