30 November 2017 | Nightlife

Le Comptoir Général

An alternative haven at Canal Saint Martin

Looking for an alternative place in Paris? Looking for some trendy yet original place? Well run to the Comptoir Général.

First of all, the decoration is absolutely stunning: you’ll come across colonial time furniture, African statues, tropical plants, vintage film posters, mismatched chairs, and glass walls. One of the bars is even boat-shaped, and you have tables on this boat’s roof.

What about the atmosphere? During the evening, the music is obviously in relation to the decoration: African and Caribbean vibes, but then at nightfall, they’ll change the rhythms to make you move your feet! 🙂

What do you drink? Most of the cocktails are made with rum, but you can drink whatever you like, from banal to unusual stuffs.

More than just a bar, Le Comptoir Général is a place to spend time with people you appreciate. Whether you get a coffee during the afternoon, or dance at 1AM, you’ll love the place.

On Sunday afternoons, they even propose film retrospective, based on themes such as colonial History, nature and discovery.

Be ready for the queue on Friday and Saturday nights! It’s calmer during the week 🙂