23 October 2017 | Food & drinks

Alfredo Positano

"The go-to place for couples...but not only "

Picture of a great restaurant in Paris.

We all know that Paris is the city of love and it deserves that long-lasting nickname. You have a heap of good and romantic spots in Paris that can be great if you want to impress your beloved ones. I have picked up that restaurant “Alfredo Positano”, in the core of Saint-Germain-des-Près, a district that offers a relaxed and charming frame.

The restaurant, at Guisarde street, resembles (a bit) a five stars restaurants with red seats and chandelier hanging. Enough to show off without paying out a hundred euros 😉


Picture of a plate in a great restaurant in Paris.

The street that houses the restaurant is a modest one and very calm. The blend of red and wood (in the walls), stresses the warmth and the romantic side. Italian words are being exchanged between the staff now and then, and a music aired to enjoy your stay. The tables and the flatware neaty displayed, will make you eager to see and taste the meals whose smell is already tickling your nose.

By the way the meals are brought to you quickly, I must admit myself that I was a bit surprised. There is no surprise that you will find Italian food such as lasagne (with meats or vegetables), all sorts of pizzas.

Picture of a great restaurant in Paris.

If you go at the opening time you will be free to choose the best places, and if you come with your bunch of friends you’d rather have to book in advance