03 October 2017 | Food & drinks

Clown bar

The Clown takes food seriously



Next door to the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione, The Clown Bar is entertaining its crowd in a quite different way from this famous Parisian circus, with a distinguished menu of French cuisine with a Japanese twist. 🙂

From the outside, the Clown bar looks like any other Parisian bistro with some chairs and tables overlooked by an outdoor heating system in case of chilly weather. But when you get inside it is another story altogether.

On the mosaic walls of the restaurant, some picturesque frescos depicting circus life can be seen as well as a beautiful ceiling showing acrobats, clowns and dancers in vivid acid colours.  It looks a bit kitsch but in a weird stylish kind of way it works 🙂


Picture of a fun things to do in Paris.

In a bistro lively ambiance, the Japanese chef, Sota Atsumi, is serving beautiful food combos like the saucisson sec made with Kobe beef, Paris-Brest with vanilla ice cream among other delicacies…

You may be eating surrounded by clowns but the cooking here is a serious matter: the menu changes each week according to the season and the chef’s inspiration and mood. When it comes to wines, the Clown bar is not fooling around either: you can choose among 150 wines, a vast majority of them organic or as they called them in France “bio ou naturel” 🙂

Order a few dishes to share, tapas style, so you can enjoy all the beautiful variety of food. ?