04 October 2017 | Leisure

Le grand Rex

In the bowels of one of the greatest cinema

The grand rex had opened up its doors in 1932 and has been a symbol of greatness and cultural influence ever since. It still stands out as one of the greatest cinema in France… But what if we could do more than just watching movies?

If the upside-down world of Cinema was being unveiled to you and if you could encounter the pioneers of the seventh art? Sounds great? Well, it’s possible 😉

The entrance is apart from the one you take to watch a movie only, you have another door. Let’s start out the trip: you are in small groups and you walk step by step, as doors open automatically and a voice is guiding you talking with you. The concept is so original and funny especially for children, a better idea than the traditional guide talking for a long time!

This is a picture of the exterior of the interior of le grand rex in Paris.

The aim is to make you discover the steps of a movie creation, of course, you have simplified explanations. But the visit is an interactive one, you are led, for example to the fictive office of the creator of the Grand Rex. The funniest part is when you are asked to act like an actor, “King Kong is coming” shouts the voice, and the floor starts to wobble and growls begin to be heard;)

I can assure you that you may be serious and grown-up, you will yield to the unexpected tomfooleries, like water drops being thrown at you.

Amusement and a dose of high jinks are to be taken without moderation 😉

This is a picture of the exterior of the exterior of le grand rex in Paris.

Be sure to check if there is a movie showing on the large screen.
Sometimes they just don’t have any movie worth it ? !