23 October 2017 | Cultural

Le memorial de la Shoah

For it's our duty to remember history

The aftermaths of the Second World War are deeply rooted in people’s mind, and the need to remember and to perpetuate the memory of the martyrs is still a priority. Some people wanted to conceal the proofs at the end of the war. Fortunately, some jews gathered files under cover, and the cases were documented.

The museum was created in 2005 and houses a wall of names where are engraved the names of the Jews who died. Another walls with pictures of children too. No need to tell you that wave of sadness will overwhelm you at that moment. You will feel forced to stare at these innocent faces.

Once you have passed these walls you have a crypt enlighted by candles, it represents the tomb of the unknown martyr. All of these elements even if are just reminiscences from the past are here embedded in concrete walls and files.


Your walk inside the museum is a journey to the past, you are confronted to testimonies that will force you to call into question a lot of issues. An awareness increased by the display of objects and uniforms belonging to transported convict. Besides you have several screens broadcasting in a loop interviews, documentaries or reading letters. Therefore you can’t help but being moved and sensitive.

A lot of schools decide to bring the students to that place so that they have a living memory of what they study ay school.

The history of the jews is clearly important to French people, but not only,   we shall stand up together against barbarity.

Meanwhile, enjoy your visit at the museum !

Like a lot of museums you should come with the opening time to do your visit quietly.