10 September 2017 | Cultural

Les Invalides: Musée de l’armée

Also known as the Army museum

Throughout centuries a lot of wars have been waged, and it involved most of the time soldiers and citizens from all over the world.

Therefore it brought about a well-preserved “legacy” in museums. The Invalides museum is no exception to the rule for it is entirely dedicated to the reminiscences of the past wars (the civil war, the first and second world war and so many others). A real trip to the past and history is offered to you with exhibitons of quality, for instance you will find armours from the 13th century and from all the continents.

Indeed each country has its own way to dress during war time, this is why you will have several partitions. One is reserved for the Asian culture, you will see original armours and weapons from the continent .

Also, period like the middle age has some crossbows and spears to unveil belonging to knights who were doing tournaments. You also have some instruments used at the time;)

The whole visit is a breathtaking discovery for you have objects and outfits worn by people who made history. If you go to the 1st world war section you can see a pant worn by a soldier that is still tainted with mud…amazing.
The museum is also offering a courtyard at the entrance where soldiers used to gather at the time before going to fight. The place is loaded with post-wars memories and you will get to feel it once you enter the monument:)

The Musée des Invalides is a very touristic place in Paris. Book your tickets in advance to make sure you’ll visit it:

Otherwise, you can even book a private tour of the Invalides Museum, just by clicking here!

Check in advance the last of the journey so you can organize your visit  properly (one whole day or two days)