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The best 10 things to do in Le Marais !

You are in Paris and have heard about the Marais. We will guide you through the Marais in Paris to make your journey incredible. Because this area of Paris, which used to be a swamp, is nowadays one of the best place to go in Paris ! Full of shops, restaurants and museum. We call it “la belle vie” (the good life) 🙂

Le marché des enfants rouges

This little indoor square is the oldest Parisian market. Hidden away from the busy rue de Bretagne, this is where Parisians stop for food on the go or to grab a lunch alfresco. Expect delicious and healthy food in a typical French way. 🙂

ADDRESS: 39 rue de Bretagne

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Le Concept store : Merci

Le Marais is probably the hippest Parisian’s neighbourhood and Merci is its Mecca. Designer clothes and accessories are mixed with all the latest trend of furniture, ceramics, jewels and a book store to die for. You will shop till you drop at Merci 🙂

ADDRESS:  111 Boulevard Beaumarchais

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Rue des Rosiers

One of the most typical streets of le Marais. Rue des Rosiers is famous because it is the centre of the Parisian Jewish community: expect vibrant delis, Jewish bakeries and probably the best falafels in Paris from L’As du Falafel. Yummy! 🙂

ADDRESS: Rue des rosiers

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Gallerie Perrotin

Maurizio Cattelan, Takashi Murakami, Wim Delvoye, Paola Pivi, Sophie Calle, Pierre Soulages, JR, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Claude Rutault, Xavier Veilhan. What do they all have in common? They all had a show at this prestigious Parisian art gallery situated in a majestic “hotel particulier”. Founded by Emmanuel Perrotin in 1989, it is the place to visit when you enjoy contemporary art.

ADDRESS: 76 rue de Turenne

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Musée Picasso

Pablo Picasso was probably the frenchiest spanish painters ever. He lived and worked in Paris so it was obvious to open a museum dedicated to his talent. The museum is set in hôtel Salé, a beautiful baroque “hotel particulier” and gathers the biggest Picasso collection in the world, as well as few art works from his private collection from fellow artists such as Braque, Matisse, Corot, Giacometti, Renoir, Cezanne etc…

ADDRESS: 5 rue de Thorigny

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Archives Nationales

You cannot miss it: the Archives Nationales is probably the biggest “hotel particulier” in le Marais. This fabulous building is worth the look, thanks to its classic architecture and garden. It shelters France’s most precious documents such as the French constitution, Napoleon and Louis XVI’s wills and Marie-Antoinette last letter, among many other things.

ADDRESS: 60 rue des Francs Bourgeois

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Musée de la chasse et de la nature

If you like animals and quirky atmosphere, this museum is for you. Set in two majestic “Hotel Particulier” of Le Marais, Le Musee de la chasse et de la Nature is gathering an exquisite collection of artefacts, paintings, ancient rugs and tapestries dedicated to hunting. Go there to stand towards the giant white stuffed polar bear and its fellow friends: the wild boar, stags, panthers…It is the wildest museum of Paris for sure! 🙂

ADDRESS: Rue des Archives

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Le progrès

A typical French bistro with a large terrasse on the rue de Bretagne, Le Progrès is where Parisians and tourists alike like to stop for a cafe in the afternoon or for an aperitif in the early evening. You are seating facing the street so you can stare at the commons strolling in the streets from you happy few seats. Delightful and quite snob, but so Paris 🙂

ADDRESS: Rue de Bretagne

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This little Italian deli is the place to grab a quick bite for lunch. Why going there? Because they sell the best Paninis of Paris! J They mostly sell take away beautiful Italian warm sandwiches, but also deserts and obviously pastas. You can sit outside to eat if you fancy, they have a tiny terrasse waiting for you 🙂

ADDRESS: 19 rue de Bretagne

La Candelaria

This is one of the specialities of Le Marais: to always be on top of the hype of the moment. So it is quite obvious that if you are looking for a speakeasy cocktail bar hidden from the crowd, this is where you will find it. From the outside, a lousy Mexican restaurant, but cross the kitchen and a corridor and there it is: the hippest cocktail bar in Paris. 🙂

ADDRESS: 52 rue de Saintonge

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