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Famous attractions around Paris : where to find them?

You are in Paris, you feel like wandering around the city, take your time to admire famous monuments. This article will help you to know the best parisien public squares, from the famous ones to the most intimates!

Internationally renowned destination, Paris is the favorite port of call for travelers looking for vast assembly art and divine cuisine. Known for its classic bistros, museums, shops, fashion, and glowing street-lamps, The City-Light is popular among tourists to explore famous things in Paris . It is our rank so it is subjective, thus we need to make choices 🙂

Are you looking for the famous places in Paris? Here is the ultimate guide to discover them. It is our rank so it is subjective, thus we need to make choices 🙂 Top Ten Places To Visit In Paris, We offer Tickets in Paris and complete guide solutions.

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Trocadero is the huge square facing the Eiffel Tower. Everyone already has a picture of a friend trying to grab the tower, thanks to the optical illusion.

It’s unavoidable if you’re coming in Paris to explore paris top attractions 🙂

Trocadero is here !


Concorde has the great advantage of being located right in the middle of everything you need to see. The major paris sites to see that involve a scenic spin that is swathed with statues, monumental fountains and marble sculptures.On the East side, see the Louvres Museum; on the west side you have the Champs-Elysées avenue.

I told you, it’s impossible to miss it!

Where is La Concorde? It’s here


Etoile is one of the biggest roundabout of Paris, and is an absolute nightmare for occasional car drivers. But much more than that, it is where the Triumphal Arch stands, protecting the serious Soldier.Centrally located, this stately architectural spot must be enlisted in your paris top attractions list.

Star Square is here !


Republic is a big place, which embodies the values ​​of liberty, equality and fraternity.

Most of the demonstrations in Paris end up here, because of its symbolic dimension!It allures tourists through its scenic drive, and considered as one of the paris france attractions due to the spectacular view. 🙂

Republic is here !


Bastille was the biggest French jail in the 1780s. And when French people rebelled and took it on July 14th, 1789, this event marked the beginning of the French Revolution, and the end of the monarchy.

Today, people gather around this square for big events, and commemorations.Located at the sprawling city, Bastille is considered as some of the best paris sites to see.

Here is Bastille

Hotel de Ville

City Hall is literally the City Hall of Paris. And the place in front of it allows us to admire the beautiful Gothic architecture of the building. French photographer Robert Doisneau took his most famous photo on this square named The Kiss of the Hotel de Ville .

A perfect destination for your Instagram-feed: do visit this place and experience attractions around paris.

Hotel de Ville is here !

Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre is smaller than the previous ones but most recognizable landmark of the city, noted among the top ten places to visit in paris. However, it is always full of life. Near the Sacred Heart, in the middle of Montmartre, you come across artists and restaurants everywhere you look.

Place du Tertre rental? here

Place Vendôme

Place Vendome might be the fanciest square of Paris. All around the square, you will love some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelries: Channel, Dior, Cartier, Szarowski, Rolex, diamonds, emeralds, ruby ​​and all sorts of gemstones.Tick this site among the paris france attractions for some fantastic deal.

Interested? Place Vendôme is here .

Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges is in the heart of the Marais, the trendy corner of Paris, also crowns a lively tourism spot that further denotes a great recreational escape. This square is rather small, but very romantic and one of the oldest in Paris! You will not be disappointed. And there are many activities to see here, like the House of Victor Hugo 🙂

Here is the Place des Vosges.

Place de la Contrescarpe

One of my favorites is La Contrescarpe, and I beg to differ with others as it is one of the famous things in paris and must-see sight offering delectable cuisine. When you come out on this square, it is as if you were in a little rural village, but right behind the Pantheon .

Cafes and restaurants add a specific charm to the whole.

The Constrescarpe is here !

Place de Furstemberg

Furstemberg Square is the perfect small square in the heart of Paris, with big trees and beautiful street lamps.

It is a good place to have a cafe terrace.

Furstemberg Square is here  !

Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine has the particularity to be triangle-shaped. It is located in Ile Saint-Louis, near Notre Dame.

This is a good place to chill out, to see the petanque players, and to enjoy the Parisian state of mind. 🙂

Place Dauphine is right here !


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